Words, Words

Well, writing is now underway on book 2 of the Kith and Kin series. I have worked out that I need to write 500 words per day, 5 days a week, if I want to have anything like a complete MS by this time next year. Book 1 took far too long and I do not wish to repeat that.


Five hundred words a day does not sound like very much and as an academic, I am sure that I averaged far more than that. But non-fiction words seem to flow onto the page so much more easily than fiction! Why is this? Does everybody have the same problem? Surely, inventing things ought to be easier than putting together a nuanced, fully referenced assessment of facts? Well, not for me, that’s for sure.

Ho hum.

Merry, merry everyone.

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3 Responses to Words, Words

  1. Beth says:

    Sally, yes, I have exactly the same problem. I suspect it’s something to do with the weight we place on fiction, how it has to be ‘just right’ not only in terms of the actual words, but the images, emotions and so on which they convey. Factual writing has to be accurate, of course, but it’s all about being objective. We know exactly what we’re aiming for and once we have the facts and arguments down clearly, the job is pretty much done – there’s much less to ‘get right’, compared to fiction, if that makes sense. Good luck with the next novel, anyway, and have a good Christmas!

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks Beth. I have a slightly different explanation, which is that I am very sure of my academic ‘voice’, the tone and position that I want to take, whereas I am always trying to make my fiction ‘voice’ better! Is that just another way of saying the same thing?
    Merry Merry.

  3. Stuart Edmonds says:

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