Moss on Trees

I had an interesting conversation over Christmas, about finding direction using moss on trees.

The basic idea is that you can find your way in a forest by checking the moss – that it only grows on one side of the trees. Which side exactly is a matter for debate and clearly varies according to where you are – Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, jungles, temperate forest, etc.

Chiltern Woodland at Cholesbury Camp

This is an old story. I probably first heard it when I was a girl guide, back in the dim and distant past. I tried it out several times and it never seemed to work.  Even in a small area of a single British wood, the moss was not always on the same side of the trees.

Anyway, I put the idea in book 2 of the Kith and Kin Trilogy (out soon on Kindle and it will probably be called Bloodprice). My heroes also, of course, find that it doesn’t work and, of course, get lost.

It seems, courtesy of my holiday conversation and the wonders of Mr Google, that rather a lot of people out there on the web know the it doesn’t work.

So why does the myth persist?

Happy New Year.

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