Book 1 Published

Book 1 of the Kith and Kin Trilogy is now available to download from Amazon Kindle. It seems to be easier to find under the title:

Death in Elmet

than under my name

Sally Wilde

Kindle’s guide to self-publishing was straight forward to follow, although I missed the point that the cover had to be a tif or jpg file. Dominique originally sent it as a png file. Ho hum. Anyway, she sorted that in her normal efficient style – go Dominique.

All I am now waiting for is the book description (which I uploaded) to appear with the cover etc on the Kindle site. Soon, I hope!

Dominique Falla’s cover for Book 1 of the Kith and Kin trilogy

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2 Responses to Book 1 Published

  1. Congratulations on publishing your book Sally. I think Stephen Holden, a mutual acquaintance, might have mentioned me to you. I’m also in Brisbane, and have also written a book that covers this period, though only at the end: “Then Arthur Fought: The Matter of Britain 378-634 A.D.” It has just been released in Kindle in a condensed version. Very different from your book, it is not a novel — I call it a quashistory. if you are interested. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello from a fellow Brisbane writer with an interest in Dark Age Britain. Can’t be too many of us.

  2. Sally says:

    Howdy Howard. I look forward to reading your book. Yes, there can’t be too many of us in Brisbane.

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