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Medicine and Health Beliefs in Seventh-Century Britain

A comment by Michelle Ziegler in answer to a request from me for information on St Cuthbert that I put on Karen Jolly’s site (links to the right) has prompted this brain dump on medicine and health beliefs in the … Continue reading

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Spring in Elmet

One of the things that I am trying to do in this novel is to provide some sense of the Anglo-Saxon/Brythonic year. By this I mean not only what is happening in the natural world as the seasons change, but … Continue reading

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Did Breguswith Kill Hereric?

The story that I am writing concerns a real murder, which took place in the early 7th century in the British kingdom of Elmet. This murder is unusual (the whole genre of crime fiction notwithstanding) because we don’t know who … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on Ethnogenesis in 6th/ 7th Century Britain

I have been re-reading Heinrich Harke’s recent article (‘Anglo-Saxon Immigration and Ethnogenesis,’ Medieval Archaeology, 55, 2011) and thinking about the issues that it raises. Harke suggests that recent DNA analysis has shifted the story somewhat, back to a rather larger … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxons and Brythons

As the first draft of the novel comes to a close, I have been musing again on why I began on this story, more years ago than I care to remember. It was during the war in Bosnia, when a … Continue reading

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